Denise La Fleur – Too Old For The Daughter Perfect For Mom


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Released: February 25, 2021

0-year-old wife and mom Denise LaFleur is doing some tidying up around the house when she discovers that her daughter forgot her phone. So she picks it up and what does she see? A dick! A 100% genuine dick pic! And a picture of the guy whom, presumably, the dick belongs to. She reads the text message: “Can I come over now?”

Denise takes action. She calls her daughter and grounds her for life for getting dick pics on her cell phone. She calls the guy and tells him in no uncertain terms to stay away from her daughter…

Well, no. She doesn’t do any of those things. She texts back, “Yes. Come over now.” Then she gets dressed for fun, putting on a sexy bra and a tight dress that hugs her hot body and big tits.

So…knock on the door…Denise answers…dude is stunned.

“What are you doing sending dick pics to my daughter?” Mrs. La Fleur asks. “Aren’t you just a little bit too old to be dating my daughter?”

He’s speechless, so she pulls him inside and shows him who he isn’t too old for:…Trailer

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