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Released: March 18, 2021

“Girl! Who let you be so HOT?” That’s the under statement of the year and no truer words uttered about 20 year old Bella Mercury as Jake exited the ExCoGi fuck carriage to welcome this hottie with a body. Never have more fitting words described this little Asian package that looked sexy as fuck when we picked her up outside her hotel. “What are you here to do today?” asked Jake. “Shoot a porno”, this nervous ball of fun giggled as she looked down shyly. But this little girl is not lacking confidence at all and explains; “I’m hot and I like sex.” That’s why she here to try her hand at fucking for cash and for all of our pleasure. We love this and yes you are fucking hot Bella…

So hot in fact that this is one carriage ride interview you wont want to fast-forward to the nakedness. There’s just something about Bella, despite her many piercings and tats, that makes you want to hear what comes out of her mouth. You’ll also want to watch something rather large go in it because this girl can suck a cock. Perfect tits? Yep she’s got’em and we can’t stop staring at them peaking through her slightly see-through top as she discusses what lead her to the back seat of my Porsche. This girl is hot and Jake really can’t wait to get his hands on, or his fingers in, this Asian treat who’s wanted to fuck on film since her sweet sixteenth. Sorry mom but your good little girl has a naughty side. Oh what’s that you say? Your mom knows you’re here doing this? “Well I’m an adult now so she can’t stop me,” Bella says, and with a body like yours that’s built for sex there’s NO-STOPPING-YOU. You know we have a MILF site now HotMilfsFuck.com, can’t waste an opportunity to cross promote, if your mom’s as hot as you Bella? Hey, a pornographer can dream can’t he? Ok back to the task of giving Bella the fucking of her life because sadly she’s only had Tinder dick and according to her more horror stories than return fuck buddies. Our sympathies Bella, and lucky for you all that’s about to change and it’s “loser tinder dick” no more. So has a guy made you cum before? “Ummm no, maybe a few times,” she stated with a disappointed tone of voice. Well your new fuck buddy Jake has just stepped into your life and he’s about to introduce you to the world of multiple orgasms. Say hello to the Magic Wand and all the pleasures it delivers. Now add a large dose of Jake’s magic wand to the mix and you have the recipe for everyone to show his or her O face. You know what I’m taking about. Oh! Oh! Oh! Yes this girl has multiple O’s today and she’s never going back to loser Tinder dick. Sorry losers. It’s what we do here at ExCoGi. We deliver toe-curling sex that girls lack and never new was possible, and as long as the demand remains high we will continue to supply. So giddy up! This fuck carriage is a rock’n and the O’s keep a coming. Cheers and ENJOY Steve!

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